History of Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare was inhabited by pirates and conquerors, and comes from the ancient Marcina, an Etrurian town mentioned in Strabone's Geography. Maybe it was a commercial town, and was used as a port of call for Nuceria.
The most recent archaeological finds refer to tombs with ceramics objects of Corinthian style, the thermal bath of Marina and a Roman “murus reticolatum” at the extremity of Fonti, covered by the sea. The name of the place “Veteri” suggests the existence of an ancient town. This name was used during Longobard period to indicate the territory of Vietri, Marina and Molina. During XI century this territory was a part of Salerno, then it belonged to Cava de’ Tirreni until XIX century when in 1806 it became an independent municipality.

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